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Lovely Pics Of Samantha




Samantha is not only one of the most talented stars in the Telugu film industry but also a fashion freak. She knows how to grab the attention of folks with her stylish looks. If you look at her Instagram, you will be scrolling time and again. She loves to experiment with her looks. Here are some of the super gorgeous pics of Samantha.



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Chiranjeevi’s ‘Acharya’ Teaser is out : The saviour of Dhramasthali is here




Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Acharya’ has hit the internet a few minutes back and the film is being directed by Tollywood’s star director Koratala Siva. Ramcharan who is the co-producer of the movie gave the voice-over for the teaser and will don a special role in the project too.

Coming to the teaser, the film story seems to be revolving around a fictitious scared town named ‘Dharmasthali’ in which the priests are being killed by the antagonists for a specific purpose. Here comes the Megastar as the man of the masses who raises his hand to protect the people of ‘Dharmasthali’.

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Public talk: Chiranjeevi who is supposed to be the saviour of the lives in danger played his part to perfection in a mediocre teaser cut. Koratala’s command over classy dialogues hasn’t been visible in ‘Acharya’ teaser. Manisharma did a decent work and the action sequences are a perfect mix of class and mass. 

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Yet, the teaser misses the required pulp to make the Mega fans go mad at the protagonist. The visuals are top-notch from this big-budgeted film which comprises the biggest set in India – ‘The temple set’. The major portion of the fans has been disappointed with the teaser as Chiru is looking very ordinary and no major cast is being visible on the screen. Nonetheless, the concept is very routine. 

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However, with a star-performer like Chiru and the most bankable director Koratala, we can’t rule out the possibility of a surprise in the theatres. Considering the most-hyped releases in line this year, Koratala and the team have the biggest challenge ahead of them for this Summer. Wishing all the best for the team ‘Acharya’.

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Rape threats most prevalent today



rape threats

Rape threats. Does this surprise you ? Why ? It doesn’t surprise me. Whether or not to take a strong stand against the people writing hate messages to a women and then decided to take a stand to help create a safe environment for woman in India is of absolute importance in recent times.

Be it kids or young gals or teens, married or unmarried women everybody seems to endure this at the hands of perpetrators. The recent rape threats on Ziva, the daughter of M.S Dhoni is an example of this rape threats.

Virtually or offline everybody seems to be suffering. These acts should be addressed and stringent rules should be laid down and an effective follow up is needed.

Only then, it was worth the effort. Not just the government, everybody should act towards this kind of treatment. I you believe that the world should be a place in which women can feel safe and exist without being constantly threatened, sexualised or subjected sexist or misogynistic slurs with the sole intent to humiliate them, then we should act on a individual level too.

If every one believes women should be treated like humans then that’s a world we all should help to create. Don’t you think. And in order to create that world we have to draw boundaries in our own lives and pursue action no matter how annoying or time consuming or downright sad it is.

Whatever platform harassment is done, it should stop, since it is a crime. Perpetrators please understand this.

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